Zebra Card Printer Driver Does Not Install on PC with an Existing Eltron Card Printer Driver

Article ID: 95805728



  • Card printer driver will not install after installing the driver package
  • Windows driver installation wizard keeps appearing on PC
  • Driver will appear as "Unknown Device" or "Unspecified"


Applies To

  • Performance and Value Class Card printers with USB connection
  • Users who previously had and older legacy printer installed (i.e. P310)



The problem is often traced to the fact the Eltron “C” class Windows printer drivers renamed the Windows installation file “USBPRINT.INF” to “USBPRINT.IN”.


To install the new Zebra Card Printer driver, you will need to rename the driver installation file:

  1. Go to the local C:\ drive located in My Computer
  2. Go to the Windows folder
  3. Go to the inf folder
  4. Locate the file named “USBPRINT.IN
  5. Rick click on the file and click Rename
  6. Rename the file to “USBPRINT.INF
  7. You may exit all windows and then turn the printer back on or connect the USB cable


The driver should now install automatically. You should now see the printer under Printers and Faxes or Devices and Printers.
If this fails to resolve your issue please select “Submit a Case Online” located under “Additional Assistance” (right column of this page) and provide details related to your problem for technical support assistance.