Zebra Designer Driver Passthrough issue with Internet Explorer Version 9, HTML5, & CSS

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When using passthrough mode and sending ZPL the printer is not responding or printing.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Driver
All current browsers supporting HTML5 and CSS standards

Cause or Overview

If you are sending ZPL to a Zebra printer using the Pass-through feature of the Zebra Designer driver and nothing is printing, there is a known issue. The issue affects all versions of the Zebra Designer driver which support the Pass-through feature as well as the Zebra Universal Driver. 


${ }$ are the default values used to allow ZPL to pass directly through to a ZPL printer.  Using IE9 or other current browsers, it is no longer possible to use the default values. Newer browsers that support the HTML5 and CSS standards prevent ZPL from passing through correctly because the {} characters are used in CSS style definitions. Therefore the default start/end sequences must be changed.


The default start/end sequences must be changed.

Pass-through activation and the start/end values that must precede and end ZPL code are set under Printing Preferences > Advanced Setup > Other.

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Whichever characters you enter here for the Start and End sequence are used to start and end the ZPL code. Since Zebra does not control browsers, we strongly suggest testing any characters you decide to use in place of the default characters.

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There is not an API for the driver so there is no way to programmatically check and/or set the configuration of the ZPL Pass-through character sequence.  Customers will need to reset the values manually under Other Settings.  


Helpful Information

There is an Import/Export Settings function of the driver that will allow populating the settings to other drivers. Read More>>