Zebra Printer RFID Control Panel Parameter RFID TAG DATA Explained

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RFID Control Panel Parameter RFID TAG DATA details

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Zebra RFID Printers


This option when selected will Read and Display RFID Tag Data for the EPC data bank.  The code limits the EPC data displayed to 32 total characters (2x16 characters or 2x8 hex bytes) for the alternating screens.

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The reader attempts to read a tag over the RFID antenna or active antenna element, even if the printhead is open. Results are displayed in hexadecimal format. The printer rereads the tag every 2 seconds, so if the tag changes, data is displayed for the current tag over the antenna. No printer movement occurs while tag data is read.
• If no tag data can be read, the text NO DATA appears on the bottom line of the LCD display.
• If a tag is present, the data for that tag appears on the bottom line of the display in hexadecimal format.  If there is more data than can fit on the bottom line (such as for 96-bit tags), the bottom line will cycle from
the first 8 bytes (most significant) to the next 4 bytes (least significant) approximately every 2 seconds. The hexadecimal data that can fit on two screens is displayed and cycled through.

For example, if the tag contains the data 0x112233445566778899001122, when this option is selected, the bottom line of the display shows: 1122334455667788 for 2 seconds followed by 99001122 for 2 seconds. The printer cycles through these indefinitely.


To read RFID tag data:

1. Position an RFID label with its transponder over an RFID antenna location. For the location of the RFID antenna or antenna elements in your printer, see RFID Antenna Location on page 39 of the RFID Programming Guide  Read More>>


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