Zebra Setup Utilities -- Sending Printer Commands and Receiving Data

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Using the Zebra Setup Utility to send printer commands directly to the printer's port and receive data back to the host.

This is a convenient way to check printer parameters or test communications.

Applies To

Zebra Printers using a PC with Windows OS

Excludes: ZQ110, EM220, EM220II


Printer communications from a Windows Host
Zebra Setup Utility installed on your WIndows PC
Printer Programming Command details supported by your printer
ZPL Read More>>
EPL Read More>>
CPCL Read More>>


The Communications Window of the Zebra Setup Utility can be used to send printer commands directly to the printer's port and receive data back to the host.  The ZSU will use the selected port in the Zebra Designer Driver for the given printer. 

Important: If manually entering Set Get Do commands (SGD) the syntax must be exact or the command will be ignored. Read More>>


Download and install the Zebra Setup Utility Read More>>

To use the Communications Windows, open the ZSU and select your printer:

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If you select a printer with a TCP/IP Port and recieve the following error, you will need to install the Zebra Designer Port Monitor: Read More>>

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Then Select Open Communication with Printer:

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You should now see the Direct Communiations windows, you can enter the desired commands, create simple label formats using the printer command language, or host requests. After entering the data select "Send to Printer". The printer should respond to the commands and either print your request or if sending a host response command you will view the data in the lower window.

In this example we are sending a configuration request using the ZPL command ^HH Read More>>


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If you write data you wish to make available for testing or other purposes you can save these as files for reuse. Select "File|Save As".