ZebraDesigner Driver Page Size Changes Each Time an Application is Closed and Re-Opened

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Page size changes when the application is closed and re-opened

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Cause or Overview

When you try to print from an application, such as Notepad, you may see the following. You choose the ZebraDesigner Driver matching your printer model from within your application, then change the page size in Preferences. All prints correctly.  However, when you close the application and open it again, the size is set back to a default 8 x 11 page size.  This is actually caused by the Microsoft development standards for a Certified driver. The ZebraDesigner Driver is required to accept the settings of the default printer.


 There are two ways to prevent this issue.  

  1. Make the ZebraDesigner Driver the "Default" printer. This may have undesirable affects for other printers on your system. 
  2. Use an option available from within the ZebraDesigner Driver to, "Always use driver settings."   Read More>>