ZEC Error: lp: unable to print file: client error document format not supported

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This error appears in ZEC’s syslog.txt after a print job is attempted, and the selected printer never prints.  The outputted “ZPL” file to be sent to the printer is actually pure XML.

Applies To

Zebra Enterprise Connector and XML


Possible Cause:  ZebraDesigner for XML, on Windows systems, appends both the CR and LF (carriage return / line feed) characters in its ZPL formats at the end of each line. UNIX only recognizes the LF character as a method to end lines, and when passed in as bytes, the CR character is interpreted as a non-line-ending character.  This results in erroneous ‘^M’ characters being appended to each line, resulting in a non-valid ZPL format.

Solution:  Using a program such as VI, open up the ZPL Format on the UNIX machine and remove all of the extra Carriage characters at the end of each line.  Run the XML report through ZEC again.

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