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StageNow Android Device Staging

StageNow is the easy way to stage your Zebra Android-based mobile computers with a quick scan of a barcode or tap on an NFC tag.

Scalable to Meet the Needs of Your Deployment

If you need to deploy Zebra Technologies Android mobile devices in your enterprise, the first step is staging – preparing the devices for use. You could use existing IT staff or hire personnel to manually initialize your settings and applications — but not only is this approach costly and time consuming, it is prone to errors which can impact the worker experience, productivity and enterprise security. You could use your centralized Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution — but first you need a way to enroll those devices in the MDM, which requires an online connection to the MDM that could be costly and add additional management overhead. In addition, your MDM may not be capable of executing all of the settings you require.

Zebra Technologies’ StageNow solves these challenges, allowing any size organization to easily stage a handful or thousands of Android devices with a quick scan of a barcode or tap on an NFC tag. And with StageNow’s incredibly easy Wizard-based tool, even complex Staging profiles become simple to create.

Simple Wizard-Driven Management Tool

With StageNow, device staging is as easy as possible, with practically no learning curve. Just choose selections from dropdown boxes and click on buttons to define the configurations, setting and apps your devices require - all without any coding.

Automate Staging With the Scan of a Barcode or Tap on an NFC Tag

Let your devices automatically configure themselves by simply printing and scanning a staging barcode or placing the device close to an NFC tag. The result? No more error-prone, time consuming and costly manual staging procedures.

Comprehensive Functionality

This must-have staging solution is ideal for complex and privileged enterprise device settings - from connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network, setting the device language and inputs, installing certificates, line of business applications or even updating the operating system.

StageNow Android Device Staging

Mobility DNA: a vantagem integrada aos seus computadores móveis

O Mobility DNA da Zebra é um pacote de soluções corporativas projetado para ajudar a maximizar a produtividade dos usuários móveis e minimizar as complexidades de TI durante a vida útil de computadores, tablets e dispositivos vestíveis da Zebra. Nossas soluções seguras ajudam a dar suporte a cada estágio do ciclo de vida do seu dispositivo, simplificando o gerenciamento do ciclo de vida e reduzindo o custo total de propriedade.


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