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The following list of patents provides notice in accordance with virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, including the provisions of 35 United States Code §287(a). The following list is updated periodically, but may not be all inclusive on the date this page is being viewed. Other products provided by Zebra not listed here may be protected by one or more patents. Products listed below may be protected by patents other than those listed. Patent applications involving one or more products listed here or other products offered by Zebra may be pending in various jurisdictions.

Laser Wristband Patents
Laser BandTM 1 wristband forms (zoned)7,763,344; 8,844,972
LaserBand2TM wristband forms7,017,293; 7,017,294; 7,222,448; 7,325,347; 7,461,473; 7,779,570, 8,006,422
LaserBand2TM wristband forms (zoned)7,017,293; 7,222,448; 7,325,347; 7,461,473; 7,763,344; 7,779,570; 8,844,972
LaserBand2TM Dura wristband formsD640,738; 7,017,293; 7,779,569; 8,776,417
LaserBand2TM Advanced wristband forms7,779,569; 8,011,125 
LaserBand2TM Advanced wristband forms (zoned)7,763,344; 7,779,569; 8,011,125; 8,844,972
ComfyCuff w/ LaserBand2TM Advanced Comfycuff tag wristband7,779,569; 7,918,045; 8,006,422; 8,011,125