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CS60-HC Series Companion Scanner

Ultra-Versatile Healthcare Scanner with a First-of-its-Kind Convertible Design

Do you need a cordless scanner at the point of care and a corded hands-free scanner in the pharmacy and lab? What if you didn’t have to deploy different scanners for different tasks? Introducing the CS60-HC Series Healthcare Companion Scanner, featuring a groundbreaking design that easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as your needs change. As a cordless scanner, the CS60-HC is ultra-portable and pocketable to meet any nurse-carry workflow and offers the latest mobile technology including contactless charging. As a corded scanner, the CS60-HC provides compact scanning for the pharmacy counter, lab station and more. Whether you purchase a corded or cordless model up front, you can change modes at any time for superior investment protection. You get Zebra’s industry-leading scanning performance, easier data entry between multiple host applications and seamless disinfectant-ready plastics. And our unique DataCapture DNATM and industry-preferred management tools make it easier than ever to integrate, deploy and manage your scanners.

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Adapts to Any Clinician Workflow

First-of-its-Kind Convertible Design Minimizes Investment Risk

Whether you need a cordless companion scanner paired to a cart-mounted cradle, mobile device or in-room workstation at the point of care; a hands-free presentation scanner in the lab; or a corded handheld scanner at the pharmacy, the CS60-HC has you covered.

Simply swap the battery and corded USB converter at any time to change between corded and cordless scanning. Add the optional presentation stand or cradle to automatically switch between hands-free and handheld modes. This unparalleled versatility minimizes investment risk as it’s easy to meet new workflow needs or redeploy CS60-HC scanners to a different application.

Proven Scanning Performance You Can Trust

With a high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the CS60-HC easily and accurately captures the many kinds of barcodes commonly used in hospitals including barcodes on patient wristbands, medication vials, IV bags and specimen trays. When you choose the CS60-HC, you get Zebra’s world-renowned quality and reliability.

Effortless Multi-Tasking with a Second Programmable Button

A second programmable button can be used to instantly toggle between two host applications, such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and blood collection applications. With a quick press of the button, clinicians can send data to the right application in the proper format and order.

Purpose-built Housing Helps Offer Maximum Protection Against the Spread of Bacteria

Special plastics and IP65 sealing allow for safe wipe-downs with the widest selection of aggressive disinfectants used in today’s hospitals. And with a monocoque design, inductive sensing touch buttons and contactless charging, the scanner’s crevice-free surface helps eliminate places where germs can hide.

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The CS60-HC Companion Scanner — Minimize Investment Risk with an Innovative Convertible Design That Adapts to Any Workflow.

For more information, visit

Safe LED Aimer Can Be Used Throughout the Hospital

Thanks to a highly visible and safe LED aimer, the CS60-HC can be used in the NICU, labor and delivery and mother-baby units where the use of laser aimers is not advised. And the green aimer reduces the likelihood of triggering PTSD episodes.

Flexible Feedback Modes — Including Night Mode with Vibrate

Choose the right feedback for any environment: a good decode LED, haptic feedback, a beep tone with adjustable tone/volume and Zebra’s Direct Decode Indicator that projects illumination on the barcode. In night mode, a quick press of the trigger toggles between an audible beep and vibration. Clinicians instantly know that a medicine vial or wristband was successfully scanned — while disturbing patients as little as possible.

Doubles as a Workstation Lamp

The scanner’s built-in lamp can illuminate a nurse’s workstation, so there’s no need to disturb sleeping patients by turning on the overhead lights.

Cutting-Edge Clinical Mobility

Qi Inductive Charging

Support for inductive charging on the CS60-HC eliminates the need for battery contact cleaning and maintenance.1 While you get the fastest charging times with Zebra’s inductive charging solution, you’re free to use any off-the-shelf Qi wireless charging pad.

Split-Second NFC Tap-to-Pair

With built-in NFC, the CS60-HC easily pairs with other devices and in-room workstations — no IT support required.

Pocketable and Wearable for Room-to-Room Mobility

The cordless CS60-HC can be tucked in a scrub pocket and is designed to fit naturally in the hand for easy scanning. Pair the CS60-HC with the optional lanyard and silicone protector to safely and comfortably wear the scanner all shift long.

Full Shift Power and Beyond

The fully charged battery delivers 18 hours of power — more than enough for a clinician’s longest shift. Batteries can be easily replaced without special tools. And a dedicated battery gauge makes it easy for clinicians to see at a glance when it's time to change or charge a battery.

Compact Cradle Fits on Any Workstation

The presentation cradle has a compact footprint to fit on the most space-constrained workstations — whether mobile or in-room.

Extended 330 ft./100 m Range

The CS60-HC is a certified BT 5.0 device. With Class 1 Bluetooth®, users can roam up to 330 feet/100 m from the host device.

Eliminate Bluetooth Interference with Wi-FiTM Friendly Mode

Ensure that your cordless CS60-HC scanners only operate on channels that are not shared with your Wi-Fi network.

Minimize Workflow Disruptions with Anti-Loss Tools

With Zebra’s Virtual Tether, both the cradle and scanner will alert users when a device is taken out of range or left out of the cradle for an extended period of time. And if a CS60-HC is lost, simply press the cradle’s paging button to locate it.

Keep Spare Batteries on Hand with Versatile Charging Options

Multiple charging options make it easy to keep your scanners and spare batteries charged for around-the-clock operation. Four-slot device and four-slot battery chargers are compatible with Zebra’s ShareCradle charging system for easy backroom management. And single-slot scanner and battery chargers are ideal on any desk.

Easy to Configure and Manage

Easily Capture UDI Information and Blood Bag Data

Two DataCapture DNA tools make it easy for clinicians to instantly capture more data to help protect patient safety and improve inventory management. UDI Scan+ automatically parses and formats Unique Device Identification (UDI) information on medical device packaging, sending the right data in the right fields to your application. And with Blood Bag Parse+, clinicians can capture all the data required on every blood bag — including blood type, date of donation, donation location and expiration date — with a single scan.

Switch Workflows in an Instant with AutoConfig

Zebra’s AutoConfig automatically configures the CS60-HC for your workflow. For example, you can take a CS60-HC from a patient room and use it in the pharmacy, phlebotomy or lab without having to change settings. Since scanner settings are stored in the cradle base, simply pair the scanner to a different base to automatically configure it for a new host application and use case.

Up-to-the-Minute Insight into Every Aspect of Your Scanners

Remote Diagnostics capabilities automate the recording of scanner asset information, health and statistics, configuration settings and barcode data — giving you the information needed for event verification, blockchain traceability, pilot site ROI generation, troubleshooting and predictive fleet-wide trend analysis.


Physical Characteristics

0.9 in. H x 1.8 in. W x 4.3 in. D
2.3 cm H x 4.6 cm W x 10.9 cm D
Presentation Cradle
3.5 in. H x 2.1 in. W x 2.4 in. D
9.0 cm H x 5.3 cm W x 6.1 cm D
WeightCorded CS60-HC: 2.0 oz. / 58.0 g
Cordless CS60-HC: 3.1 oz. / 87.0 g
Presentation Cradle: 3.4 oz. / 96.0 g
Input Voltage RangeScanner and presentation cradle: 4.5 to 5.5 VDC Host Powered; 4.5 to 5.5 VDC External Power Supply
CurrentOperating current at nominal voltage (5.0V): 400 mA (typical)
Standby current (idle) at nominal voltage (5.0V): 90 mA (typical)
Presentation Cradle: 450 mA (typical) Standard USB; 600 mA (typical) BC 1.2 USB
ColorHealthcare white
Supported Host InterfacesUSB Certified
Keyboard SupportSupports over 90 international keyboards
FIPS Security Certification and TAA ComplianceCertified compliant with FIPS 140-3;
Trade Agreement Act Compliant (specific configuration required)
User IndicatorsDirect Decode Indicator, Good Decode LEDs, beeper (adjustable tone and volume), haptic feedback on decode, capacitive trigger with haptic and audible feedback, dedicated battery gauge, dedicated Bluetooth LED

Performance Characteristics

Motion Tolerance (handheld)
Up to 20 in. / 51 cm. per second for 13 mil UPC in optimized mode
Light Source
Aiming Pattern: circular 525nm true green LED
Illumination(1) warm white LED
Imager Field of View45° H x 34° V nominal
Image Sensor1280 x 960 pixels
Minimum Print Contrast20% Minimum Reflective Distance
Skew Tolerance+/- 60°
Pitch Tolerance+/- 60°
Roll Tolerance0° - 360°
Minimum Element ResolutionCode 39 - 5.0 mil

User Environment

Operating Temp.
32° F to 122° F / 0° C to 50° C
Storage Temp.-40° F to 158° F / -40° C to 70° C
Humidity5% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Drop SpecificationDesigned to withstand multiple drops at 6.0 ft./1.8 m to concrete
Tumble SpecificationDesigned to withstand 250 tumbles in 1.5 ft./0.5 m tumbler (1 tumble = 0.5 cycle)
SealingScanner: IP65
Approved CleanersDisinfectant Ready. Refer to the product reference guide for the complete list of approved cleaners.
Discharge (ESD)
Scanner and cradle: ESD per EN61000-4-2, +/-15 KV Air, +/-8 KV Direct, +/-8 KV Indirect
Ambient Light Immunity0 to 10037 foot candles / 0 to 108,000 Lux

Radio Specifications

Bluetooth Radio
Standard Bluetooth Version 5.0 with BLE: Class 1 330ft. (100m) and Class 2 33ft. (10m), Serial Port and HID Profiles
Adjustable Bluetooth Power
Output power adjustable down to negative 10 dBm in 8 steps
MFiMFi Certified (specific configuration required)


Battery Capacity/Type
745 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
Scans Per Battery Charge2
13,000 scans
Operating Time Per Full Charge218 hours

Battery Charge Time (from empty)

Standard USBFull charge: 8 hours
BC1.2 USBFull charge: 6 hours


EnvironmentalEN 50581:2012
EN IEC 63000:2018
Electrical SafetyIEC 62368-1 (Ed.2)
EN 62368-1:2014/AC:2015
LED SafetyIEC 62471:2006 (Ed.1.0)
EN 62471:2008 (LED)

EN 55032:2015/AC:2016 (Class B)
EN 55035:2017
EN 61000-3-2:2014 (Class A)
EN 61000-3-3:2013
47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class B


Cordless AccessoriesPresentation cradle, spare battery, 4-slot scanner ShareCradle, 4-slot battery ShareCradle, lanyard, Qi Pad
Corded AccessoriesGooseneck Intellistand (weighted and standard), cup, corded USB converter

Symbol Decode Capability4

1DBase 32 (Italian Pharma), Codabar/NW7, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, GS1 DataBar, I 2 of 5, Korean 3 of 5, MSI Plessey, UPC/EAN
2DAztec, Composite Codes, DataMatrix, Dotted DataMatrix, Dotcode, Han Xin, MaxiCode, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Postal Codes, QR Code, Micro QR, TLC-39, SecurPharm

Decode Ranges (Typical)3

Code 39: 5 mil2.4 in./6.1 cm to 9.5 in./24.1 cm
Code 39: 20 mil2.5 in./6.4 cm to 26.0 in./66.0 cm
Code 128: 5 mil2.8 in./7.1 cm to 9.0 in./22.9 cm
PDF 417: 6.7 mil2.4 in./6.1 cm to 8.0 in./20.3 cm
UPC: 13 mil (100%)1.8 in./4.6 cm to 19.5 in./49.5 cm
Data Matrix: 10 mil2.9 in./7.4 cm to 8.0 in./20.3 cm
QR: 20 mil1.2 in./3.0 cm to 14 in./35.6 cm

Environmental Compliance

• RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU; Amendment 2015/863
• REACH SVHC 1907/2006
For a complete list of product and materials compliance, please visit


Subject to the terms of Zebra’s hardware warranty statement, the CS6080-HC scanner and CR6080-HC cradle are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of Three Years from the date of shipment. The CR6080 Qi Pad is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of One Month from the date of shipment. Complete Zebra hardware product warranty statement:

Recommended Services

Zebra OneCare Essential and Select: Maximize Zebra device availability, device value and operational efficiency with these fully-featured support services that set the industry bar for support.


1. Contactless inductive charging is supported when a battery is inserted in the CS60-HC. Spare batteries and battery chargers have charging contacts and cannot be charged with a wireless charge pad.
2. Simulated checkout profile of 1 scan every 5 seconds.
3. Printing resolution, contrast, and ambient light dependent.
4. Refer to Product Reference Guide for complete list of symbologies.

DataCapture DNA

DataCapture DNA is a suite of highly intelligent firmware, software, utilities and apps exclusively engineered to add functionality and simplify the deployment and management of Zebra scanners. For more information about DataCapture DNA and its applications, please visit
CS60-HC Series Companion Scanner DNA Icons: DataCapture DNA, 123Scan, Blood Bag Parse+, Label Parse+, Multi-code Data Formatting, Preferred Symbol, PRZM Intelligent Imaging, Remote Diagnostics, Remote Management, Scanner Control Application, ScanSpeed Analytics, Scan-to-Connect, Software Development Kit, UDI Scan+, Virtual Tether, WiFi Friendly Mode, IoT Connector

Markets and Applications


  • Positive Patient Identification (PPID) 
  • Medicine administration 
  • Inventory management 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Electronic medical record access 
  • Specimen collection 
  • Phlebotomy
  • Clinicians
  • Technicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Admissions personnel
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