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Enterprise Home Screen

Built on Mobility Extensions (Mx) and part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA family of ingredients, Enterprise Home Screen improves workforce productivity by ensuring that your enterprise devices are utilized only for work. You can create a single-purpose device with Kiosk Mode, control available applications and device features and secure your Enterprise Home Screen environment – all with an easy-to-use administrator tool that does not require developer expertise or programming knowledge.

Benefits of Enterprise Home Screen

Control Available Applications and Features

Enterprise Home Screen provides features to increase productivity and ensure appropriate use of your Zebra Android mobile computers - specify a set of applications users can access, disable device features and functionality and automatically launch applications your workers use so they are ready and available as soon as the device is on. 

Create a Single-Purpose Device with Kiosk Mode

If you have users that only need to access a single application, you can automatically launch that application when the device is powered on and prevent them from exiting the application – ensuring that your Zebra Android mobile computers will always be utilized for work.

Secure Your Enterprise Home Screen Environments

With government-grade security, Secure mode ensures that your Zebra Android mobile computers will only run Enterprise Home Screen configuration files that are signed by an authorized administrator, preventing technology savvy users from gaining full access to device features and applications. 

Enterprise Home Screen

Mobility DNA: a vantagem integrada aos seus computadores móveis

O Mobility DNA da Zebra é um pacote de soluções corporativas projetado para ajudar a maximizar a produtividade dos usuários móveis e minimizar as complexidades de TI durante a vida útil de computadores, tablets e dispositivos vestíveis da Zebra. Nossas soluções seguras ajudam a dar suporte a cada estágio do ciclo de vida do seu dispositivo, simplificando o gerenciamento do ciclo de vida e reduzindo o custo total de propriedade.


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