ZR600 系列移动打印机

借助这些具备出色抗跌落耐用性的移动打印机提高整个运营的效率 — 在仓储、收发货和销售环节。快捷、轻松地在现场按需打印条码标签、收据、票券等。ZR600 Series 移动打印机采用的最新技术包括:

对 Link-OS® 环境的支持使它们易于从全球任何位置通过 PC、智能手机或平板设备进行集成、管理和维护。

获得“Made for iPod®/ iPhone®/ iPad®”认证,还通过多平台 SDK 应用程序支持 Android™ 和 Windows® 设备。

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  • 资产管理
  • 行李标牌
  • 直接换装
  • 文档与记录管理
  • 现场服务
  • 库存管理
  • 收货/发货
  • 逆向物流
  • 合规标签
  • 食谱
  • 信息标签
  • 医疗记录标签
  • 订单标签
  • 照片处理标签
  • 处方标签
  • 价格标签
  • 放射学



ZR628 移动打印机

这一既耐用又轻便的打印机是随时随地按需打印窄宽度标签的理想之选 — 通过简单的后端  IT 集成。

  • 支持 1.9 英寸(48 毫米)打印宽度
  • 2.2 英寸介质卷外径
  • Apple MFi 认证
  • 802.11n/Bluetooth 3.0 双无线电
  • Link-OS™

ZR638 移动打印机


  • 支持 2.9 英寸(72 毫米)打印宽度
  • 2.6 英寸介质卷外径
  • Apple MFi 认证
  • 802.11n/Bluetooth 3.0 双无线电
  • Link-OS™

ISV Software Applications

Zebra Validated logo

Validated Applications

To reduce problems customers see in the field Zebra's Validation Program helps ISVs develop and execute a testing protocol for incorporating Zebra devices into ISV applications.

ISV Airwatch logo

AirWatch by VMWare

AirWatch(r) Mobile Device Management enables businesses to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simplified, efficient way to view and manage all devices from the central admin console.

Centvia logo


Centvia print-enables other apps (web, hybrid, and native apps) by extending printer access and printing services through a URL interface. Functions provided include printer discovery and selection, printer access over Bluetooth and WiFi, document management, and printer status checking.

iFORM logo

iFORM by Zerion Software

iFormBuilder is an award-winning, patented clipboard replacement solution that is being used across the globe.

invoice ASAP logo

Invoice ASAP for PayPal & QuickBooks by invoiceASAP

Invoice ASAP is a mobile, cloud-based invoicing solution that allows estimating and invoicing in the field. Estimates can easily be converted to invoices. invoiceASAP connects to QuickBooks to eliminate double-entry.

Mobi icon logo

Mobi Print by Arrowhead Resellers Corp

Mobi Print is a print utility that enables communication between iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods to Zebra printers. This utility enables printing of PDFs, labels, receipts, and images from any iOS device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Mother's Milk logo

Mother's Milk by Rapid Consulting

Mother's Milk is a mobile application built with caring mothers in mind. Mother's Milk is a newborn care solution developed for neonatal intensive care units in hospitals.

Patient Medical logo

PMR by Rapid Consulting

Patient Medical Record is a comprehensive overhaul of the traditional paper-based patient records system. PMR allows hospital staff to access vital patient information quickly, viewing everything from allergies to x-rays, all from a mobile device.

Soti MobiControl logo

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl manages all stages of mobile device deployment to provide seamless enterprise mobility management. MobiControl delivers simplified, broadened and accelerated mobility endpoint management by leveraging the latest developments in enterprise mobility management.

xCarrier EMT logo

xCarrier-EMT by ProcessWeaver

This mobile app is designed to ship, receive or track packages from anywhere in the warehouse or from the field. The app relies on ProcessWeaver’s Enterprise Centralized Shipping (ECS) shipping engine to perform the transportation tasks, improve efficiency, and provide the ultimate power to mobile users.