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Location Solutions Software Support

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Below, you will find software that is applicable to the Zebra Location Solutions family. Each software page provides information on specific model compatibility and user device requirements.

- Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and IoT Bridges

The Android Bootstrap Application is used to bootstrap Zebra’s IoT bridges with the configuration, allowing them to connect to the WLAN and communicate with the server endpoint.

This toolbox application runs on Android devices and is used to configure, RF scan and log application events for Zebra’s standard BLE beacons including the NFC-enabled SB1100 asset beacon.

Zebra BLE işaretlerinin işletme yapılandırmasını değiştirmek için araç kutusu uygulaması kullanılır (SB2xxx ailesi). There is a separate toolbox application for use with Zebra's standard BLE beacons (all models except the SB2xxx family).

This toolbox application is used to modify the operating configuration of Zebra's standard BLE beacons. There is a separate toolbox application for use with the Zebras enhanced indoor beacons (SB2xxx family).

This Android Receiver Toolbox application can be used as a system demo with new Zebra IoT bridges, enhanced indoor beacons, and standard BLE beacons. A single Android device that can serve a Wi-Fi hotspot can run the application.

This NFC Toolbox Service and Sample User application is a version of Zebra's BLE Toolbox Application for Standard Beacons specifically for the MPACT-SB1100-01-WR (NFC controlled) that can be embedded within an Android application. Zebra provides a sample application to demonstrate how the embedded toolbox application can be integrated and used.