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Multi-Code Data Formatting

There’s the slow way of capturing multiple barcodes on a label, and there’s the fast, smart way.

Zebra barcode scanner on a fixed mount allows workers to scan mobile devices and barcodes hands free

Capture More with a Single Trigger Pull

With Multi-Code Data Formatting (MDF), you forgo the time-intensive process of scanning each one individually. Instead, your 2D imager decodes them at one time, automatically modifies each exactly as your host requires and transmits them in the proper sequence – all with a single trigger pull.

Capture Multiple Barcodes with One Trigger Pull

Eliminate tasks that drain valuable time from your business processes. With one trigger pull, you can instantly decode multiple symbologies on a label, automatically format them for your host and output them in the proper order.

Easy to Program

Creating an MDF rule for your Zebra scanner is as simple as 1-2-3, using our friendly 123Scan wizard. Designed to be intuitive for even first-time users, the 123Scan wizard will lead you through each step and offer you two convenient ways to implement the rule, either scan a single programming barcode or perform a USB download.

Get More Done with Fewer Errors

Perform more with less risk of errors. MDF lets you simultaneously capture up to 20 barcodes on one label without introducing the chance of mistakes synonymous with manual entries and scanning barcodes in the wrong order. It can even automate the capturing of barcodes on multiple sides of a box. Simply keep the trigger pulled and wand your scanner over the surfaces.

Multi-Code Data Formatting

DataCapture DNA: a vantagem integrada ao seu scanner

Escaneie com recursos desenvolvidos e continuamente aperfeiçoados por um parceiro com mais de 50 anos de inovação comprovada em campo. A Zebra conhece o processo de escaneamento melhor que outros fornecedores. É por isso que todos os nossos scanners vêm com o DataCapture DNA da Zebra, um pacote de recursos de software que ajuda sua equipe a se adaptar às necessidades futuras e alcançar melhores resultados.


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