The Future of Manufacturing


You’re being asked to do more with less. Technology changes, a demanding marketplace and aggressive competition are all putting manufacturers under pressure to make continuous improvements.

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Millions of Euros Lost in Manufacturing

How do you use RFID and lean manufacturing processes to meet the challenges and come out on top? How do you become a factory of the future? Find the answers in our infographic.

The Factory of the Future

How to harness new value in manufacturing

Best-in-class manufacturers are turning new RFID technology solutions and lean principles to their advantage. Find out how they’re streamlining manufacturing production and reducing costs:

  • The shift from capacity to capability
  • How data visibility is driving continuous improvement
  • Must-have RFID tracking and tagging technology


There’s around $900 billion of waste in global manufacturing supply chains. Where are you leaking revenue?

Poor operational visibility prolongs manufacturing inefficiency and damages the bottom line.

As manufacturing returns to centre stage, our IDC Survey highlights the key manufacturing issues and how RFID improves operational visibility and enhances lean production.

Where efficiency and precision are crucial, defects drain profitability, and are potentially terminal.

Poor visibility lies at the heart of manufacturing inefficiency. We outline where the problems might lie, and how RFID tracking provides visibility and supports leaner production here.

In a changing environment manufacturers must adapt to meet new demands. Read here how we see the factory of the future and the manufacturing methods it will be using.

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