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Mobile Computers Support

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Find the answers and solutions to most product support questions. Browse official help pages for Zebra products. 

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Use our guides, tools and services for support. 

For some of the troubleshooting services, you will need a serial number. Here's where you can find it.

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Accessory Support

Additional support content for mobile computer accessories.

  Additional Support Resources

Join our community discussion forum where you can connect with Zebra users and ambassadors from around the globe.

It is important to understand and follow proper and safe practices for using, storing, disposing, handling, and charging Li-Ion Batteries.

Learn about the process of obtaining a Zebra Mobility DNA Enterprise license.

Knowledge resources, access to developer advocates who are ready to help, and a global community of developers.

Learn about how electrostatic discharge (ESD) is used within wired headsets.

Documentation for building apps that use Zebra mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers and RFID readers in the enterprise.

Zebra Mobility DNA is a set of tools and features for enhancing productivity, performance and security of Zebra devices running Android.

Warranty and Repair

For some services, you will need a serial number. Here's where you can find it on your device.

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Assurance Beyond Standard Warranty

Ensure you get the predictable and dependable performance you need to maximize device uptime and return on investment for your Zebra devices. No matter what level of service you need, there’s a service to support your critical operations.