Presenting the Zebra® G-series family

Zebra G-Series desktop printers offer increased speed and performance. These compact printers support a variety of applications and environments. Choose from the direct-thermal GC420d, GK420d or GX420d or the thermal-transfer GC420t, GK420t, GX420t and GX430t. Common attributes for all models include:

  • EPL™ and ZPL®  – dual resident programming languages for backwards compatibility and access to new features, including:
    • Odometer control – transactions can be reconciled against physical output, service schedules and management of supplies
    • Unicode™ – global character printing
    • ZBI 2.0 – integration, adaptation and handling of data or peripherals
  • New architecture
    • 32-bit for faster processing
    • More memory – for stored graphics, fonts or longer formats
  • Dispenser – for efficient peel and present media handling
  • Energy Star compliance



The GC420 models are the entry level addition to our G-Series™ compact desktop printers – a design heritage that offers familiarity and affordability with an all-new architecture and extended feature set. The GC420 model’s tried and tested design delivers best-in-class speed and performance to support many markets, including healthcare, retail, supply chain, and post and parcel. The great value GC420 printers provide entry into new low volume applications as well as an ideal replacement printer for legacy 4-inch 28-series customers.

GK420, GX420 & GX430

The direct thermal GK420d and GX420d offer the smallest footprint in a desktop printer of its class, whereas the thermal-transfer GK420t, GX420t and GX430t provide the easiest ribbon-loading system around. Their feature sets are further expanded with:

  • GK420

The GK offers standard print speeds of up to 127mm (5") per second and fast first label out. The feature set is further expanded with auto-sensing Serial port, optional 10/100 Ethernet and it ships inclusive of a USB interface cable.

  • GX420 & GX430

In addition to GC and GK features, the GX enhanced performance delivers standard print speeds of up to 152mm (6") per second. The GX also supports a wider choice of wired and wireless connectivity options for easy system integration. Media handling is extended with cutter option, plus higher density 300dpi and Real Time Clock options are available.


The secure issuance version of the GX models. The compact, direct thermal GX420s provides a feature set that includes:

  • Keyed access – heavy duty lock to keep sensitive or valuable media secure
  • Kensington® lock - cable slot to enable the printer to be anchored to a fixed point to prevent printer theft


The G-series models are an excellent choice for customers looking to easily migrate from legacy 28-series printers, upgrading from a competitive desktop printer or for those using barcode technology for the first time.


Office environments: Space-saving design and fast print speeds increase productivity in the office – a best-in-class solution for any office labelling requirements.

Post and parcel: High-quality mailing labels, postage marks and receipts – delivering greater efficiency in postal and express delivery environments.

Retail: Printing throughout the store, from point-of-sale receipts, vouchers and shipping/receiving labels to return marking – even prescription and fresh-food labelling.

Manufacturing: Durable shipping and receiving labels, item marking and work-in-progress for light manufacturing operations.

Healthcare: Improved patient safety with simple and efficient bar code printing of patient identification wristbands. Bar code labels for tracking documents, radiology film, laboratory specimens and equipment marking.

Security: Visitor and guest identification, evidence tracking and parking passes printed on demand.

Public transport: From boarding passes or bag tags to passenger ticketing, fast and efficient printing to reduce queuing.

Hospitality, service and leisure: Fast, high-quality desktop printing including ski-lift passes, event ticketing and receipt printing.