Laser and thermal medical wristbands

Download our cheat sheet on the benefits of thermal & laser wristbands.

Barcoded medical wristbands are a highly effective way of ensuring positive patient identification in healthcare settings, helping to avoid errors and improve patient safety.

Our latest cheatsheet explains the benefits of laser and thermal patient wristbands, helping you to make an informed decision about which solution is the most appropriate for your healthcare organisation.

  • Help to maintain the five rights of patient safety
  • Prevent administrative errors in healthcare settings
  • Durable medical bracelets via simple, compact printing solutions
  • Ensure clear, accurate patient information is always available

Without a barcoding system in place, it is estimated that around 5% of medical wristbands are incorrect, illegible or missing altogether, having a significant effect on the accuracy of medication prescriptions. Zebra laser or thermal patient wristbands are the solution.