Cut Costs and Increase Efficiency

Shelf management: fast, accurate changes cut costs
Changing or replacement of shelf-edge labels needs to be made in a timely manner – customers will be dissatisfied if goods are on display and they cannot find the price or other information.

Using mobile printers to label on the spot in store is quick and efficient; there is no walk-time to the back office to collect labels. Printed information is accurate as it comes straight from the store’s system and there is no chance of the wrong label being used.

Price management: take advantage of wireless and mobile technology
Printed pricing labels are clearly better than handwritten labels, but walking to the back-office printer wastes valuable time when your staff could be interacting with customers.

By employing mobile printing technology, price labels can be printed when and where they are needed. Damaged or missing labels can be replaced immediately, price markdown can be controlled and automated, improving the efficiency of the whole process. With the handheld terminal and printer connected to the store’s wireless network, all printed information and pricing is current and centrally managed.

Self service: improve staff efficiency and customer experience
Staff time is often taken up helping customers locate products or seeing if products are in stock. Kiosks fitted with Zebra printers can provide essential information to customers including store maps and details of product availability.

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