Point Of Sale

Queue-busting: don’t lose customers through long queues
Ask any shopper what they dislike most about shopping and they will tell you that they hate queuing up to pay for goods. However, extra tills incur additional costs and take up valuable display space on the shop floor.

The use of wireless devices can reduce queus in two ways:

  • Pre-scanning customer purchases and print a single bar code, which is then scanned for payment
  • Implement a mobile POS solution

Escorted shopping: expert assistance for all who need it
Give your staff the freedom to greet customers and assist them throughout the store with mobile applications to check inventory, access product information, make recommendations and process transactions and receipts.

Coupon printing: reward your loyal customers
Zebra kiosk and desktop printers can be used for static in-store coupon issuance. For more targeted campaigns retailers can use Zebra’s mobile printers. To capture loyalty card details, some mobile printers also have card reader options.

Automated order-processing: fast, accurate service
For home delivery or special-item orders, there are often hand written forms to be filled out, which makes it a a slow, inefficient process.

Mobile terminals and printers enable store assistants to process orders and provide a more personal service. Product and price accuracy are guaranteed, as a bar coded order confirmation is taken to the checkout for easy payment.

Loyalty and gift cards: instant issuance in store
Provide loyalty cards to your customers at point of enrolment without them having to wait. Zebra’s photo quality card printers can produce vivid colourful cards in seconds. Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding can also be added as required.

Create extra special gift cards with personalised messages and even photos using Zebra’s full colour card printers.