Security Card

Improve your organisation's security with Zebra's advanced security ID card solutions.

Combat card counterfeiting and unauthorised alterations and duplications with Zebra Security class card printers, customised pre-printed security feature cards and True Secure(TM) laminates.

From gym membership cards to highly secure national IDs Zebra has a solution for all your security ID card needs.

Benefit from:

  • High quality colour print and precision details
  • Printer hardware and software security options
  • Encoding options
  • Customised security feature cards and laminates enhanced with visible and hidden security features

Ideal for:

  • Driving licences
  • Government and military ID cards
  • High-security access control ID cards
  • Law-enforcement and correctional facility ID cards
  • Airport personnel ID cards
  • Applications requiring secure issuance of long-lasting, tamper-evident ID

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