Security Applications

P630i Security Card Printer
The P630i printer’s dual-sided printing and single-sided lamination provide the maximum amount of flexibility in protecting driving licences, national healthcare cards and other secure ID cards. The optional ID/Key prevents unauthorised printer use, while the ID/Log driver utility builds a customisable card-transactions record in the printer’s host computer for added security.

Zebra P640i Security card printer
The P640i printer’s dual-sided printing and one-pass dual-sided lamination provide the maximum amount of flexibility. The P640i printer has all the security features of the P630i printer, plus its patented linerless lamination dramatically reduces the cost of laminate material and is waste-free.

ZXP Series 8 Retransfer Card Printer
The ZXP Series 8 retransfer printer delivers photo-quality card printing at impressive speeds. Inspired by Zebra’s photo-printer technology, the ZXP Series 8 printer uses advanced image-processing algorithms to achieve vivid colours and sharp resolution. Combined with the landscape printing mode, the simultaneous dual-sided retransfer printing process ensures high-quality output at record speed. In addition, the ZXP Series 8 printer includes Zebra’s ZMotif™ software development kit, enabling easy integration with a range of enterprise applications.


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