Print ribbons
Zebra’s True Colours® print ribbons deliver consistent, high-quality colour reproduction for vibrant colour photos, true-to-life flesh tones, and sharp monochrome resin bar codes and text. A patented overlay protects the card against dye-migration and abrasions.

Overlay and laminate
Zebra’s True Secure secure varnish overlays and laminates are designed to combat card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication. These protective materials prolong card life by preventing image fading and dye-migration, and create a more durable card. They can also deter card forgery with the use of the security-featured holograms. Zebra’s patented linerless lamination dramatically reduces the cost of laminate material and is waste-free.

Plastic cards
Zebra’s premier plastic cards enhance the print quality and image sharpness needed for vivid colours and detailed readable bar codes. For more secure applications, Zebra offers stock and custom security features.

Cleaning supplies
Zebra offers a full line of cleaning supplies to properly maintain printer performance, extend card printer life and yield better quality card images.


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