Fun and Splash

Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash wristbands

Z-band fun and Z-band Splash wristbands have been specifically developed for a variety of hospitality applications where on-demand variable information printing can offer benefits and business improvements over and above pre-printed wristbands or tickets.

Typical uses would include amusement parks, concerts, festivals, events and trips as well as applications requiring resistance to prolonged water exposure such as water parks and leisure centres.

Z-Band Fun is an economy wristband featuring a permanent adhesive closure, developed for one day use in applications such as concerts, amusement parks and day trips.

Z-Band Splash is a more durable wristband featuring an adhesive suitable for excessive water exposure, developed for a multiday use in applications such as water parks and resorts.

Specifications common to both products are as follows:

  • Available in cartridges for Zebra’s HC100 printer and in roll format for Zebra desktop & S4M printers
  • Wristband size is 25x 254mm (1 x 10”)
  • 350 wristband per roll/ cartridge
  • Wristbands will be available in various colour options - Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple