IQ Colour

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New: IQ Colour from Zebra

A revelation in Colour

IQ Colour is a patented thermal ink technology that allows direct-thermal labels to have colour zones invisibly preprinted ready to be activated when necessary.

IQ Colour allows you to use colour on demand on your labels without the need for seperate labels or colour markers. Any special instructions, like designating product for priority treatment or highlighting critical information, can be easily and quickly added to labels.

There's no need to switch printers or change ink cartridges or paper, so labour input is minimal while productivity and quality improved.

Exclusively through Zebra, there colours (from a palete of eight) plus black are available for up to three areas for attention. Test, shapes, graphics and reverse images can all be accommodated.

IQ Colour is yet another technical innovation from Zebra which means you can now use one label type to change your message, in colour, without changing stock. It's revelation in colour.

*Zebra product brand name