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Get ready for the next revolution in data capture from Symbol: SimulScan Document Capture. With this powerful technology, enterprises can take process automation to the next level and achieve substantial increases in worker efficiency, processing accuracy and cycle times. Imagine if your workers could capture the contents of an entire form in a single scan — including bar codes, text fields, phone numbers, images, signatures, and even check boxes. Then imagine your business applications fully populated, instantly and accurately. You have just imagined the power of SimulScan Document Capture.

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Redefining Data Capture


Document Capture

The enterprise features you need

  • Capture any information on any form

    With SimulScan, it’s easy to capture an entire form or specific data in select areas of a form.

  • Capture several bar codes at once

    Simultaneously scan 1D or 2D bar codes in virtually any condition — even if they are scratched, poorly printed or dirty.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    Capture text in any field on a form and turn it into editable data, ready to be entered into your business application.

Get ready for the next revolution in data capture 

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    Capture and exchange the business-critcal information your business needs. 

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    Zebra’s suite of solutions delivers unprecedented visibility, optimised operations and empowered workers. 


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