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Enable Instant EMM Support for All the Newest Zebra Mobile Device Settings and Features

Until today, enterprises have been dependent upon their Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider to integrate directly with each OEM’s proprietary API’s in order to manage the unique settings and features of their enterprise Android mobile devices. Based on Google’s Managed Configurations standard, OEMConfig eliminates that dependency, allowing Zebra to provide support for all of our value-added API’s (Mx) through our partner EMM solutions, the day they are available.

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The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Total Centralized Control of all of Your Device Features

    With Zebra OEMConfig, you can control everything from device settings to the hundreds of features in Mobility DNA’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) — through your EMM with no proprietary integration required, no coding required and no waiting for your EMM to add support for new features.

  • Easy to Implement

    Just install Zebra OEMConfig on your devices and you’re ready to go. You can get the app through your EMM provider or through the Google Play Store. And with the unique architecture of this solution, new features on Zebra mobile devices are automatically supported in your EMM.

  • Easy to Use

    Zebra OEMConfig couldn’t be more intuitive — just click your way through the features you want to enable. And the feedback channel provides administrators with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your configurations were successfully applied.

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