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Wi-Fi Friendly Mode

Wi-Fi Friendly Mode

Eliminate The Risk of Wi-Fi Interference

Good news! Zebra has innovated a remarkable way for our cordless Bluetooth® scanners to avoid interfering with your wireless network. Exclusively from Zebra, Wi-Fi™ Friendly Mode ensures the two technologies never overlap, and therefore, never impact one another. That means you can enjoy the convenience and high performance of our Bluetooth scanners without the risk of Wi-Fi disruptions.

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  • Bypass Network Interference

    Unlike competitors, Zebra gives you the ability to remove Wi-Fi channels – commonly 1, 6 and 11 – from the hopping sequence of our Zebra Bluetooth scanners. As our Bluetooth technology hops from one channel to another, it will have zero chance of colliding with those channels utilized by your wireless network.

  • Implement With Ease

    Wi-Fi Friendly Mode is simple to implement with our user-friendly wizard, 123Scan. Just choose the channels you want your Bluetooth scanners to use and organize them in your preferred order.

  • Benefit From Cordless Scanners

    Put Wi-Fi interference behind you and move ahead with the mobility and intelligence of our productivity-boosting Bluetooth scanners. Wi-Fi Friendly Mode can help you address new data-capture needs, while maintaining the peak performance of your wireless network.

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