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Sometimes hearing information straight from the source is the best way to learn about new products and solutions. Zebra's webinars and podcasts feature industry experts explaining exactly how they worked with Zebra and the results they achieved. Leverage industry leaders' knowledge to improve your business today.

Zebra Webinars

Enhancing Material Handling and Logistics With Real-Time Visibility

Today, 8 out of 10 supply chain executives, list supply chain visibility as their greatest challenge. They see visibility as the key building block for addressing other critical challenges, including risk management, cost control, customer insight and competition. Listen and watch Android Industries executive Dirk Cranney talk about using Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) to gain increased visibility in their operations.

Understanding RTLS

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) are precise positioning systems that not only enable a user to identify and track many different types of key objects; such as assets, tools, equipment, containers, WIP (Work in Process) items, people and/or animals, but also provide this information in real time through automatic and continuous feedback.

Zebra Locations Solutions Material Flow System Helped Deliver New Efficiencies for Whirlpool

Material Flow is core to delivering an automated approach to lean manufacturing, giving clear visibility of the manufacturing supply chain and optimize the flow of goods in complex logistical operations.

Enabling Efficiency in the Retail Supply Chain with Mobility & RFID

For increased retail supply chain collaboration, visibility, and data integration, mobile handhelds and printing are continuing to make strides resulting in increased automation and visibility of orders, ease of inventory receiving, and simplification of scan-based processes between retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

RFID in Oil & Gas: The Benefits of Real-Time Asset Management and Tracking Solutions in Extreme Environments

The primary benefits of real time asset management and tracking in the Oil and Gas sector center round Permit to Work and Person on Board (POB) for offshore complimenting personnel safety. The aim of getting the right person to a job with the right tools and equipment at the right time is key to the efficient and cost effective running of any maintenance program.

RFID: Alive and Growing in the Supply Chain

In this special Webcast, we will help put the current RFID market into perspective by sharing some of the findings from a recent "RFID Update Report." A case study from Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, will share how they adopted RFID to reduce material transactions and greatly improve inventory accuracy.

Increase Same Store Results With Next-Gen Self Service

Join our panel discussion of industry experts from St. Clair, IBM and Zebra as they discuss today's self-service options that speed up store visits. Such solutions add customer convenience and control over a growing array of options that include deli ordering, loyalty program access, and save-the-sale functions for out-of-stock products.