Hospital Staff Tracking

hospital staff tracking using mobile devices for healthcare

Capture the Hospital Staff Tracking Data You Need to Optimise Your Clinical Workflows

Your hospital's success depends on an efficient workforce. Zebra's staff tracking solutions provide real-time data to identify patterns and bottlenecks, giving you the insight needed to make informed decisions, streamline your workflows and improve patient care.

Boost Workflow Efficiency

Staff tracking solutions provide insights you can use to eliminate bottlenecks and fix inefficient processes. The significant time savings for caregivers may even allow lower staffing levels.

Reduce Alarm Fatigue

When you integrate your clinical communication with staff locating systems, alarms can be set to shut off immediately when a nurse enters the patient room, reducing alarm fatigue.

Improve Emergency Response

Equip your team with sensor technologies to ensure that, when an emergency arises, you can quickly identify and assign the right staff.

Man walking in a hospital and talking on his mobile device.

Elevate Patient Care with Staff Locationing

Learn how location technologies are helping reduce workflow bottlenecks, streamline alarms and reduce non-value activities for clinicians.

Our Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Our suite of specialist solutions has been carefully designed to ensure you can capture the right information, analyse it and act accordingly, all in real time; and all at every stage of the patient ‘journey’ through your care.

Simple Solutions To Complex Problems

Our solutions are fully integrated; developed by experts to help you reach new levels of efficiency, accuracy and patient safety.

Let Zebra Design a Staff Tracking Solution to Meet Your Needs

Build Your Hospital Staff Tracking Solution


Our line of card and radio frequency identification (RFID) printer and readers make it easy to build a hospital tracking system that gets all employees all on the same system for easy, effective staff tracking.

Software and Applications

Zebra's range of robust software and services help you create a more efficient and profitable workplace.


Zebra OneCare makes services fast and easy, any time of night. Just choose the level of care you need and if it's broken, we'll take care of it.


Zebra's composite PVC cards are ISO-compliant, offering sharp images and crisp, easily scannable barcodes.