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Positive Patient Identification

Patient wristband being scanned by a gloved healthcare provider

Instill the Confidence of Knowing It's Right

Improve Patient Safety, Help Reduce Errors and Elevate Quality of Care

A data-powered patient journey begins by printing scannable wristbands that positively identify patients from admissions to discharge and every procedure in between. Put confidence in the palm of their hand with scanning technology that accurately identifies medications, matches records and updates systems with fewer errors and workarounds. 

  • Help Ensure Patient Safety

    Instill confidence with the power of knowing you have it right. Help reduce clinical errors by giving caregivers the ability to verify information on the spot - relieving clinicians' stress and anxiety to solve in the moment.

  • Confidently Identify Medications

    Keep frontline providers connected with patient and medical data. Reduce wrong-patient medication administration errors and confusion with drug names that look or sound alike.

  • Improve Accurate Identification of Specimens

    Positively identify specimens by printing barcode labels at the point of collection. Empower caregivers by equipping them with advanced barcode scanners to track and manage specimen samples and help reduce errors.

Patient Identification Solutions

Admissions and Positive Patient Identification

Zebra's patient identification solutions help to minimise errors by allowing access to essential patient information throughout the entire care journey.

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Bedside Point of Care

Zebra's mobile devices and printers enable healthcare workers to print labels at the bedside to accurately match the specimen with the patient.

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Medication Administration

Barcode Medication Administration can be time consuming. Zebra's solutions enable nurses to ensure the right patient receives the right medication at the right time.

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Laboratory Management

Zebra's printers, specimen labels and barcode scanners optimise laboratory management by improving specimen identification and tracking from collection to testing.

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Pharmacy Management

Improve pharmacy management and dispensing accuracy with Zebra's pharmacy label printers, barcode scanners and software.

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Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Our durable, always-on hardware portfolio supports care delivery in temporary facilities and help automate workflows for greater testing performance, whilst protecting staff and patients.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Patient Identification?

Nurse using Zebra Scanner to Scan Patient Wristband

Help Reduce Patient Identification Errors

Inaccurate patient data can lower the standard of care delivered. Learn how to enhance your patient identification process with barcode wristband technology.

Confidently Identify Patients with Solutions Built for Healthcare

Provide the right care to the right patient every time with Zebra's barcode wristbands, scanners and printers designed for the healthcare environment.

Let Zebra Design a Patient Identification Solution To Meet your Needs