Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

Gain visibility, boost productivity and enable automation in automotive manufacturing.

Automotive manufacturers today face increasing demands. Challenges include rising consumer expectations and increasingly customized manufacturing. They need to modernize and adapt operations in an industry transitioning from the predictability of internal combustion engines to the variable and software-driven world of intelligent, next generation vehicles- including electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and autonomous vehicles- all amidst a global labor shortage and the supply chain uncertainties. 

These new challenges require new solutions. They need real-time visibility over countless moving parts. They need carefully coordinated production lines. They need automation that lets them accomplish more with fewer workers. They need Zebra Technologies.

  • Optimize Supply Chain Operations

    Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers, supplies, RFID, Bluetooth®, locationing, machine vision and fixed scanner solutions can optimize automotive traceability across the supply chain—from materials to the plant floor to the vehicle driver. Leveraging Zebra MotionWorks Enterprise, automotive companies can translate a massive proliferation of near real-time data from multiple sources into actionable intelligence that fosters the agility to adjust to market conditions.

  • Meet Regulations More Efficiently

    Government regulations vary from one region to the next, but in a global economy even regional regulations have worldwide implications. Automotive manufacturers must comply with continually evolving requirements everywhere their vehicles are driven. With our industry-leading location, data capture and machine vision technologies, Zebra can help validate that every relevant safety and quality regulation is met and all work is completed properly, on schedule and up to specifications.

  • Efficiently Manage Inventory and Operations

    For more than 50 years, Zebra has been helping organizations manage inventory and operations efficiently and effectively, even as they scale up and diversify. Only Zebra has an expansive product portfolio that spans location technologies, data capture, fixed industrial scanning and machine vision, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), workforce augmentation and optimization software—everything you need as an automotive manufacturer or supplier to see more, know more and do more, from the supply line to the assembly line and beyond. 

Explore Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

Make sure correct packages have correct parts, every time, with Zebra’s Machine Vision solutions. Make manual checks and slow record keeping things of the past and ensure final details are in place, like checking label integrity, all on one software platform. With total visibility into packages and products, you can protect quality at every touchpoint, even as goods are on their way out the door to customers. And with industrial machine vision that’s flexible, you can right-size and customize your solution to meet your plant’s needs—so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Automate and elevate track and trace capabilities. Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners read barcodes—helping to avoid human errors and meet the increasing quality demands of global commerce—and create a digital record of inventory that can be used for shipping manifests and locating goods. Mountable on forklifts, conveyors or overhead for faster manual loading, this foundational capability can help streamline workflows, increase quality and save time in every area of your plant.

Get the visibility needed during assembly to ensure products and processes comply with necessary quality and regulatory standards. Accurate tracking and tracing assembly and component data helps to certify that finished goods meet specifications, while ensuring consumer safety and brand equity

Avoid inbound processing delays that result in costly bottlenecks in production. Process raw materials or components the moment they arrive at the plant to check for accuracy, quality and adherence to service level agreements.

Actively manage human-to-machine interfaces on the manufacturing line to ensure efficient operations. Enable effective communication between plant floor managers in the control room and workers across the expansive and noisy plant floor environment.

Automate the line side replenishment process to keep exactly the right amount of material on hand to prevent production line delays or shutdowns. Keep the production line running smoothly and reduce inventory costs by lowering overstocks.

Visibility into plant floor machinery enables the migration from reactive to proactive maintenance. Ensure a smooth production process without maintenance interruptions, machine delays or breakdowns.

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