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Employee at a coffee shop accepting payment from a customer.

Today's Customers Want to Be Right, Right Away

Customer expectations are higher than ever for service, speed, accuracy and convenience. To get ahead, you’ll need to align with what drives customer engagement and satisfaction in every visit. Let’s generate higher profits and satisfy more customers by maintaining a customer-first mindset. Elevate the retail customer experience by creating frictionless stores, optimising inventory and executing smarter, more agile operations.

See How Zebra is Innovating Customer Experience

Shopper receiving help from retailer in the online pick up area

The World has Changed. Have Retailers?

With our 15th Annual Global Shopper Study, one thing is clear: Retail is always changing. Get the latest insights on evolving shopper behaviors, associate perspectives and where retail decision makers are placing their investment bets to meet shopper expectations in today's modern store.

Retail associate checking stock on tablet device

Are You in Step With the New Realities of Retail?

Zebra Reflexis AI-powered, mobile solution provides the real-time agility you need.

Confident retail associate with arms crossed in retail apparel store

Maximize Inventory Performance at Every Level

Learn how Zebra Prescriptive Analytics translates your data into insights and actions with no need for you to sift through reports or guess which item to tackle first.