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Retail Operations

A retail associate using a Zebra mobile device for price check/task management

Smart Retail Stores, Consistent Reliability

It’s time for smart retailing... time to augment associates with the right tools to forge smarter retail stores, instill new pride, preserve their well-being, and free their time for higher value work. Let’s create collaboration between humans and machines to increase efficiencies and productivity, reveal timely insights, and connect workflows, to act now…and stay ahead of what’s next.

  • Empower Associates

    Using Zebra smart devices loaded with software purpose-built for smart retailing, your workers are empowered to accomplish more in less time to better serve customers. Elevate your associates’ abilities to multi-task, master inventory, advance sales and shorten wait times.

  • Simplify Workflows

    Make it easier to optimize workloads, schedule labor and streamline communications with Zebra’s cloud-based Reflexis. Using our real-time task management and workforce management solutions you can unleash the power of store associates to simplify their work and create a seamless omni-channel shopping experience.

  • Stop Profit Leaks

    Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™ translates your data into insights and actions, so you don’t leave dollars on the table. You can amplify profits by uncovering weaknesses and delivering timely course-corrective actions with automated front-line guidance and confirmation.

Smart Retail Store Solutions

Workforce Management

Solve your workers biggest challenges with Zebra's AI powered mobile solutions that offer real agility.

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Task Management

Help workers help you achieve more with Zebra's Reflexis solution.

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Communication and Collaboration

Simplify work and communication with one convenient mobile platform.

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Improve allocation efficiency, forecast accuracy, and compliance and boost sales, margins and your customer experience.

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Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

Protect your assets, minimise shrink, waste, cash loss, theft and fraud with Zebra's strategic retail loss prevention solutions.

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Zebra's retail returns solutions enable smarter inventory counts, automated task management and better workforce collaboration.

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Restock and Replenishment

Cut the costs of out of stocks by transforming your store into a smart store that automatically senses assets with Zebra's restock and replenishment solutions.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Retail Operations

Retail associate checking stock on tablet device

Are You in Step With the New Realities of Retail?

Zebra Reflexis AI-powered, mobile solution provides the real-time agility you need.

Shopper smiling with bags and phone

Keep Up With the Now of Retail

Leverage our strategic guidance and intelligent platform to optimise your operations, inventory and customer experience.

Zebra device with Microsoft Teams on the screen

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie App Now On Zebra Devices

Front-line workers simply have to push-to-talk to connect to each other when they have questions or need to coordinate actions.

Ready to Empower Your Frontline Workers?