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Non-Storefront E-Commerce

Deliver on E-Commerce with Agility, Accuracy and Efficiency.

Maximise Omnichannel Profitability with Zebra's E-commerce Solutions for Efficient Fulfilment and Delivery

You know a profitable omnichannel operation is critical to success. Fulfilling online orders requires a high degree of inventory visibility and operational efficiency. From inventory and asset management, to voice-directed picking and proof of delivery, Zebra’s e-commerce solutions help you master the high-velocity, each-item fulfilment process and customer delivery as quickly as possible, no matter where they are—in-store, curbside or at home. You've got this.

Elevate The Experience

Customers demand faster online order delivery--whether it's to their homes, or for pickup at the store or curbside. Zebra’s integrated digital ecosystem is agile, maintaining visibility from the time shipments leave your store or fulfilment centre, through the last mile and into the customer's hands.

Enable A Smarter Operation

Zebra gives you the tech solutions to augment productivity for high-velocity e-commerce fulfilment centres. Rely on Zebra to enhance speed and efficiency to get products stocked, so they can be picked quickly and accelerate throughput. Efficiency throughout the supply chain is more important than ever and, with Zebra, you’ve got this.

Optimise Inventory Visibility

In e-commerce, order fulfilment inaccuracies and inconsistencies are visible to the customer. Reflecting accurate inventory, picking the right product and getting it to the right place at the right time is critical to a successful transaction. But you've got accuracy you need at each step with Zebra’s retail-ready solutions.

Retail associate assisting customer with curbside pickup

Optimise Omnichannel Fulfilment to Create a Profitable Ecosystem

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Real-Time Visibility

Get inventory under control, visible and available. Shoppers want access to the right stock, right away in store or flawless fulfilment of online orders. Deliver it. It's easy with Zebra inventory solutions.


Connect your teams and optimise workflows. Give store associates the technology to save steps and work smarter--connected to each other. Empower them with Zebra's collaborative tools for your store operations.

Packing and Labeling

Expedite everyday and move items from your stores quickly to your customers' doors. Zebra's mobile printers mean more flexibility, less walk time, fewer errors and increased productivity for you.


The shopping experience is everywhere-in store, at home or on-the-fly. You need to deliver when, where and how your customers want. You've got this with Zebra's fulfilment solutions.

Communications and Collaboration

Get the word out fast, certain that your teams will recieve your alerts, notifications and instant messages. Use the conveinient Reflexis mobile platform to simplify communication.

Task Management

Help workers help you achieve more. Let Zebra Reflexis Task Manager ensure the right associate is in the right place, and get real-time visibility into what's happening and being done.


Optimize returns and put aways and ensure shelves are always stocked and ready to serve shoppers. Zebra solutions protect your profits and deliver convenience to shoppers.

Workforce Management

Cut labour costs and time spent scheduling. Zebra Reflexis Workforce Management solutions accurately forecast and schedule labour to anticipate demand and factor in workload, budgets, foot traffic and more.

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