Transportation & Logistics Technology Solutions

Zebra Solutions Help Move People and Cargo Safely and Efficiently

Transportation and logistics are essential components to your enterprise’s productivity. Whether by air, ground or sea, access to real-time data and always-on communications are critical. With specialised technology designed for each logistical category, you can accelerate productivity, profitability and operations. Discover the added benefits of the numerous transportation and logistics solutions offered by Zebra.

It's much easier to let the handheld do it [recalculate an invoice with account discounts and promotions] and the printer to print out a hard copy than trying to write out a manual invoice.

Kent Meckley, Director of IT
Schench Company

Communicate with your Drivers Anytime, Anywhere

Zebra's Fleet Management and Delivery Operation Solutions allow you to proactively maintain your fleet, track driver and vehicle performance, and ensure compliance mandates are being met.

Proactively Respond to Customer Demand

Keep up with and proactively respond to customer demand, inventory turnover and regulatory requirements with warehouse management solutions designed for warehouse operations and highly specialised supply chains.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Instantly track shipment contents, direct drivers to the next best dock, reduce idling and wait times, and improve turnaround times.

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RFID tracking opens new business opportunities.

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Warehouse & Field Solutions

Field Mobility Solutions

Create stronger economies of scale with services that build loyalty, upsell offerings, and catalyze growth. Learn more at

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Yard & Infrastructure Solutions

Yard Management

Speed inbound receiving and outbound load planning activities.

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Wireless Security & Infrastructure Solutions

Zebra's wireless security & infrastructure solutions enable real-time access to IP-based voice, video & data for virtually every transportation environment.

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Device and Asset Management

Drive efficiency, innovate services and differentiate your business with solutions that make it easy to deploy and manage the maintenance, security and lifecycle of devices and other technology assets.

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