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Diverse Perspectives, Collaborative Approach

We believe that the best way to sustain diversity is to foster a culture of inclusion. We want to ensure that all employees can be their true, authentic selves, so they can unleash their full potential.

Our peoples’ ideas are what power our inventiveness. Our five foundational values of innovation, agility, integrity, accountability, and teamwork serve as the guiding principles for the work we do each day.

We bring diverse people and ideas together in a collaborative, candid environment to propel our thinking and power innovation.

Zebra Prioritizes Inclusion and Diversity

At Zebra, we are committed to fostering a culture of belonging where all employees feel seen, heard, valued, and respected. At Zebra, Inclusion and Diversity aren’t just “nice to haves” – they’re core to everything we do.

Inclusion Networks

Our Inclusion Networks focus on bringing employees together to empower, support and learn from each other. Additionally, Inclusion Networks provide meaningful opportunities for career development, networking, and community outreach while adding business value.

Zebra Women's Inclusion Network logo

Connects, develops and advocates for women.

Zebra Millenial and Gen Z Inclusion Network logo

Promotes supportive working environment for Millenial and Gen Z employees.

Zebra Veteras Inclusion Network logo

Connects veterans, active reservists and families within Zebra.

Zebra Equality Alliance LGBTQ+ Inclusion Network logo

Connects Zebra's LGBTQ+ employees and their allies.

Zebra Unidoz Hispanic/Latinx Inclusion Network logo

Promotes a positive environment for the Hispanic/Latinx community through networking and development of Hispanics/Latinxs and allies within our workforce.

Zebras of All Abilities for Inclusion and Accessibility Network logo

Advances Zebra's culture of inclusion for people of all abilities.

Zebras of African Descent Inclusion Network logo

Provides an inclusive environment for employees of African descent.

Zebra Asian Inclusion Network logo

Promotes a safe, inclusive and accepting work environment for Zebra's Asian employees.

Fiona O'Sullivan headshot

Fiona O'Sullivan, Senior Legal Project Manager

Holtsville, New York

“Zebra's commitment to investing in a culture of inclusion means that I, and others like me, have a safe space to share our challenges and experience with others. An inclusive culture provides employees with a platform to remove barriers and misconceptions and enables each of us to come to work as our whole self - without fear of being judged or treated differently. I believe that raising awareness and advocating for people of all abilities, even in small gestures, can have a big impact and influence change.”

Steve Blackburn, headshot

Steve Blackburn, Senior Administrative Assistant

Preston, Lancashire

“Becoming an ally within ZEAL, Zebra's LGBTQ+ Inclusion Network, has educated me and given me a greater understanding of how we can all impact each other. This learning helps in both the workplace and at home with my family."

Ricardo Flores, headshot

Ricardo Flores, Senior Advisor, Global Channel Development

Richmond, Virginia

“Every day at Zebra, we value diverse thinking and ideas to resolve the challenges. There's no lack of creativity and collaboration when asking questions and proposing solutions to keep driving Zebra forward together with our Partners. ”

Diversity Outreach Partners

We’re committed to increasing diversity at all levels of the organisation and work with a variety of external partners to forge meaningful relationships with diverse communities outside of Zebra.

CEO action for Diversity and Inclusion banner

Zebra CEO Makes Commitment to Fostering a Culture of Belonging: “Active Listening Leads to Real Action.”

April 21 will be a “Day of Understanding” within Zebra Nation. But we really want it to be a global day of action. Zebra CEO Anders Gustafsson explains how you can join in.

Women at board room table

What Can We Do to #BreakTheBias About Women in the Workplace (and Society) Once and For All?

We can each take steps to help #BreakTheBias about women's role in the workplace and society say a man and woman who have been leading people and advocating for women’s equality for over two decades. Hear their recommendations.