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Who We Are

We give you the performance edge to go above and beyond.

At Zebra, we're committed to empowering teams with the mobility and insight to deliver at the cutting edge of excellence. More than just providing intelligent hardware, we offer solutions that give organizations complete visibility to make smart, nimble decisions about what action to take now, and how to plan for tomorrow.

Empowering teams to do their very best work

Our solutions provide real-time insight that allows workers to make informed decisions in the heat of the moment. When workers are equipped with crystal-clear operational visibility, they're also empowered to make the most of every minute they have, every decision they make, and every customer they serve–from the front lines to back of the house, and at every point in between.

Powering IoT connections that are the building blocks of growth

Our ecosystem is built on IoT connections that drive industry foward–from the technology itself to the people who use it, to the end customers we all ultimately serve. We offer solutions designed to meet the needs you have today, and the agility to scale for tomorrow. Because when your systems, your people, and your information can stay connected as your needs evolve, the potential for growth is endless.

Making your data work harder for you

Data informs our decisions, our priorities, and our actions. It is driving the future, across industries, and how we choose to use it matters. Our solutions bring people and technology together to maximise data and the insights derived from it. Businesses are freed from inefficiency, so they can focus on what really matters. And workers intuitively know what action to take next.

Our History

Innovation is in our DNA.


Leading the industry in innovation.

Driving innovation for key global industries and the people who power them is what we do. We're proud to be considered amongst the best.

Forbes 2022 America's Best Mid-Size Employers

Zebra Technologies was named to Forbes’ America’s Best Employers for the sixth year in recognition of our commitment to our employees and culture.

Newsweek America's Most Trusted Companies 2022

Zebra Technologies ranked #1 amongst top companies in the technology industry based on trust by customers, investors and employees. As a responsible corporate citizen, Zebra is committed to strong corporate governance practices and environmental and social initiatives that benefit all stakeholders.

Top Channel Partner Programme

Zebra Technologies received CRN’s 5-star rating for the sixth consecutive year based on our commitment to our partners globally who are amongst the most knowledgeable and competent in the industry.

Community Impact

Our vision is driven by doing our part.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program makes sure we're doing our best as a globally conscious, corporate citizen by creating programs that bolster our people, communities, and environment–and making sure our policies are an extension of our values.

We're committed to

The environment

Adhering to high environmental standards, conserving resources through our buy-back program and safe recycling, and bringing renewable energy into our facilities are all part of our efforts to be a globally-conscientious corporate citizen.

People are our greatest asset–our employees, their families, and the communities we work in. We stand firmly behind human rights, respect, and equalaity, and support education that builds talen around the globe–because we know that our strength lies in bringing all voices to the table.

We're committed to

Ethical action

Our policies are lead by our principles–integrity, teamwork, agility, accountability, and innovation. We're proud that our corporate governance practices deliver strongly on those standards, delivering long-term value to our stockholders, our employees, and our customers.

Our Presence

We are wherever you need us.

Connecting teams and transforming businesses. Across industries. Around the globe.












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We take pride in creating a culture of respect, collaboration, inclusion and innovation. Across the globe, our employees practice these values as they work together to develop industry-leading hardware, software and service solutions that give organisations a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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