SOTI MobiControl Connector

This industry first App enables users to manage Link-OS printers directly from the SOTI MobiControl environment across WLAN and Ethernet infrastructures.

  • Eliminates the need to use multiple Apps to manage different device types.
  • Uses Cloud Connect to enable secure direct management of Link-OS printers
  • Supports both Cloud and on premise use cases
  • Windows® PC-based
  • Leverage SOTI MobiControl's productivity and administrative features with Link-OS printers 


Update your existing iMZ, QLn and ZT200 devices to the Link-OS environment

Existing iMZ, QLn and ZT200 series units can be updated to the new Link-OS environment by downloading new firmware to the printer. Download for the specific printers below.

The Link-OS environment is available for use with the following Zebra devices:

  • iMZ220
  • iMZ320
  • QLn220
  • QLn320
  • QLn420
  • QLn220 Healthcare
  • QLn320 Healthcare
  • ZT210
  • ZT220
  • ZT230
  • ZT410
  • ZT420
  • ZD500
  • ZD500R
  • ZQ510
  • ZQ520

Soti MobiControl Connector User Guide