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NG SimulScan

Take Data Capture Automation to the Next Level

With NG SimulScan from Zebra, you can streamline operations, maximise worker productivity, error-proof your processes - and more. NG SimulScan, part of DataWedge allows your organisation  is a set of productivity tools that can be integrated into your native Android applications to take process automation to the next level. With SimulScan Leverage MultiBarcode and allow workers can to capture multiple barcodes on a label with a single scan. SimulScan Document Capture enables workers to capture Images of Documents, capture a barcode and even detect the presence of a signature contents on a structured form in a single scan, including bar codes, text fields, phone numbers signatures and more.

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The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Capture Several Barcodes at Once

    Simultaneously scan up to 100 1D or 2D barcodes in just seconds- no more time wasted on repetitive scans. Flexible mix-and-match criteria enables the easy selection of the right barcodes.

  • Automate Image Capture

    With SimulScan Document Capture, workers can capture barcodes and partial or entire documents with the camera or imager.

  • Capture Any Information on Your Structured Form

    If you have a structured document, your workers can also capture phone numbers and detect if a signature is present all with the press of one button.

Person holding Zebra mobile computer, using the SimulScan software to take a picture.

Take Data Capture Automation to the Next Level

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