Mobility DNA Wireless

Take Productivity to the Next Level with a Superior Wi-Fi Experience

When your business operations rely on a steady and strong Internet connection for a fleet of devices, any bandwidth disruption or downtime can prove costly—in more ways than one. And on distributed infrastructures, finding the source of IT problems can be a cumbersome process.

With Mobility DNA Wireless, you can expect the best-quality Wi-Fi connections that are in a class of their own. Proprietary features enable unsurpassed management of the Wi-Fi connections at the device and network levels, providing an exceptional Wi-Fi data and voice experience, right out of the box.

Questions About Mobility DNA Wireless?

  • Wireless Fusion

    Providing superior Wi-Fi Radio experience. The Fusion Wi-Fi radio firmware is specially engineered to enable the collection of additional Wi-Fi data points from the Wi-Fi chip, enabling Zebra-only features that take the quality and dependability of your Wi-Fi connections — and workforce productivity — to a new level. And our Wi-Fi radios are pre-configured for business and easily customisable.

  • Wireless Insights

    Easily troubleshoot your entire Wi-Fi network. Wireless Insights independently observes the entire network infrastructure, including network health and real-time data and voice analysis across all devices. By enriching third party dashboards with this data,  IT managers and administrators can identify precise locations of performance degradation, helping them differentiate between systemic and singular IT issues.

  • Wireless Analyzer

    Easily troubleshoot individual mobile devices. Analyzer is the only mobile device Wi-Fi troubleshooting tool with integrated data analysis. This single powerful tool provides all the information that the universe of Wi-Fi network troubleshooting tools can collect and more, allowing you to easily identify and resolve Wi-Fi issues to maximise device uptime.

Wireless Insights

Provides device-side insights: Until now, your current network analytics dashboards were limited to a one-way view: you could only see information from the network to the mobile device. The data analysis from the mobile device back to the network was missing, only available on devices — and only accessible on one device at a time. Insights puts the full ‘round trip’ of information at your fingertips, providing the complete end-to-end network view you need to spot and resolves issues faster than ever.

Wireless Insights Representational Image

Wireless Fusion

The most advanced Wi-Fi firmware features: Zebra-only firmware and driver features deliver robust connections that provide the constant and consistent quality of service required to maximise productivity — no more waiting for a connection to the network, random network drops or roaming connectivity issues.

Wireless Fusion Representational Image

Wireless Analyzer

Real time troubleshooting information: See the behaviour of the Wi-Fi network and device connection at the exact moment in time that the issue occurred, allowing you to see the problem in action.

Wireless Analyzer Representational Image
  • Mobile Computers

    Capture and exchange the business-critical information your business needs.

    Mobile Computers

  • Mobility DNA

    Take your mobility solution to the next level with powerful software.

    Mobility DNA

  • New Tool to Help With Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

    Are traditional Wi-Fi troubleshooting mechanisms giving your it team and workers trouble? Zebra DNA Wireless insights will help you quickly pinpoint the source of latency, lost connections and more.

    Zebra Blog