Patient Tracking

Patient in hospital bed being transported and having wristband scanned by providers

Patient Tracking To Help Optimize Clinical Workflows

Real-time Patient Flow Data for Better Decision Making

Tracking and monitoring the location of your patients throughout their care journey helps increase throughput and ultimately improve patient safety.

Reduce Time to Treatment

In life-threatening situations such as cardiac arrest or stroke, where timely treatment is essential, knowing each patient's exact location is essential.

Safeguard At-risk Patients

Zebra's real-time locationing technology enables hospitals to track the most vulnerable patients and reduce injuries due to falls or wandering.

Optimize Patient Flow

Communication breakdowns can create bottlenecks and lead to treatment delays. Implementing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) technology can improve bed turnover.

doctor holding enterprise tablet with data on the screen

2022 Hospital Vision Study Report

Hospitals around the globe are investing in mobile technology and it’s redefining the way healthcare is delivered. Obtain critical insights into key healthcare trends and their impact on quality, cost and outcomes.

Woman in hospital bed having her wristband scanned with baby

Monitor Patient Location Throughout Their Stay

Learn how patient tracking can help optimise workflows, facilitate more effective treatment and safeguard patients.

Healthcare provider putting wristband on patient wrist

Wristbands Save Lives. RFID Wristbands Do More...

RFID Wristbands can deliver a wide range of improvements from theatre planning and management to improved bed turnover.

Let Zebra Design a Patient Tracking Solution to Meet Your Needs

Design Your Patient Tracking Solution


Our RFID-based Mobile Computers, readers and printers are reliable and easy to use, making patient tracking easy.


RFID wristbands simplify the identification and monitoring of patients in busy hospital environments, whilst ensuring positive patient identification.

Software and Applications

Our tracking solutions run on Zebra Savanna, and integrated software platform that provides patient location reports, maps, alerts and dashboards.


Zebra OneCare ensures that Zebra devices achieve maximum uptime and peak performance. Multiple service levels are available to meet each hospital's unique requirements and protect operational investments.