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Healthcare Use Case

Patient Tracking

Healthcare Patient ID Scanning at Bedside - DS8100-HC 4:3

Comprehensive Patient Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Enhanced Patient Safety and Throughput

Tracking and monitoring the location of your patients throughout their care journey helps increase throughput and ultimately improve patient safety.

Healthcare Application Strategy Connectivity
Vision Study

Smarter, More Connected Hospitals

Discover what integrated technologies healthcare leaders are investing in to mobilise urgent care teams, automate more workflows and regain control of supply chains to better support clinicians and patients.

Build Your End-to-End Solution



Mobility DNA
Mobility DNA

Experience a new breed of mobility with intelligence that gives Zebra mobile computers distinct enterprise traits.

DataCapture DNA
DataCapture DNA

Go beyond the barcode with intelligence that simplifies the entire scanning experience.

Print DNA
Print DNA

Transform printers with intelligence that gives Zebra printers business-catalytic capabilities.

Workcloud Communication
Workcloud Communication

Enable and enhance front-line collaboration with a fully-scalable suite of communication tools. 

Service and Maintenance

Zebra OneCare™ Maintenance Plans

Protect your business-critical devices and eliminate disruptions and unplanned repair expenses. You'll get device uptime, confidence, and savings with Zebra OneCare™.

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