Battery Documentation

On this page you can find battery handling and transportation documents such as Safety Data Sheets, UN38.3 reports and Lithium Battery Test Summaries. This page only searches for battery documentation. If you need to search for other products, please use search at the top of the page.

How to Use the Battery Portal

Battery documentation can be found using the following lists. Please open the list which corresponds to the type of item you require battery documentation for. Search the list using CTRL+F and click the hyperlink to obtain the document.

Documents are searchable by:

  1. Product SKU
  2. Battery Part Number
  3. Product Model

*If there is a document you need but cannot find on this portal, please contact

For other inquiries such as battery life, replacement, etc, visit Zebra Support.

For batteries and tools that will keep your Zebra devices up and running, visit PowerPrecision and Battery Management.