RoHS Declarations


We hereby certify that the below part number(s) complies with the EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and amendment 2015/863 for the following requirements:

  1. Do not contain Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), or Hexavalent chrome (Cr-VI), above 1000 ppm (0,1%) in each homogenous material.
    2. Do not contain Cadmium (Cd) above 100 ppm in each homogenous material.
    3. Do not contain the restricted types of Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB) and
    4. Polybrominated Diphenylethers (PBDE) above 1000 ppm (0,1%) in each homogenous material.
    5. Do not contain the four additional phthalates added to the RoHS directive: Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), or Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) above 1000 ppm (0,1%) in each homogenous material. In situations where an exemption applies, the preceding limits, corresponding to the exempted substance(s), may be higher.

This declaration is based on information provided by our suppliers based on reasonable enquiry. In the event one of the above mentioned products are altered or somehow reconfigured by someone other than Zebra Technologies Corp., this declaration is rendered invalid.

For additional information on Zebra's environmental policy, please contact Zebra customer service or view our environmental management policies.

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Mobile Computing Devices

Computing Series RoHS Statement
TC70 Download
TC51 Download
MC93 Download
TC75BH Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Desktop/Wristband Printers

Printer Series RoHS Statement
2-Inch Series* Download
4-Inch Series* Download
GC Series  Download
GK Series  Download
GT800 Series  Download
GX Series Download
HC100 Series  Download
LP/TLP2824Plus Series
R2844-Z Series* Download
ZD400 Series Download
ZD500 Series Download
ZD510-HC Series Download
ZD600 Series Download
ZP Series (ZP400, ZP500, ZP820) Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Mobile Printers

Printer Series RoHS Statement
EM 200 Series* Download
EM420 Series Download
EZ 320 Series Download
iMZ™ series Download
MZ Series* Download
P4T Series Download
QL Series* Download
QLn series Download
RW Series* Download
ZQ110 Series Download
DS2200 Series Download
ZQ500 Series Download
ZQ600 Series Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Industrial Printers

Printer Series RoHS Statement
105SL Series* Download
105SLplus Series Download
S4M Series* Download
XiIII Series* Download
Xi4 Series Download
ZMx Series: ZM400, ZM600* Download
ZT200 Series Download
ZT400 Series Download
ZT510 Download
ZT600 Series Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Card Printers

Printer Series RoHS Statement
ZC Series Download
ZXP LM Series Printers Download
ZXP Series 1 Printers Download
ZXP Series 3 Printers Download
ZXP Series 7 Printers Download
ZXP Series 8 Printers Download
ZXP Series 9 Printers Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra RFID Printers

Printer Series RoHS Statement
R110Xi4* Download
RZ Series* Download
ZD500R Series Download
ZE500R Series Download
ZQ520R Series Download
ZT400R Series Download
ZT600R Series Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Print Engines

Printer Series RoHS Statement
PAX4 Series* Download
ZE500 Series Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Kiosks

Printer Series RoHS Statement
KR203 Series Download
KR403 Series Download
TTP2000 Series* Download
TTP2100 Series* Download
TTP7030 Series* Download
TTP8000 Series* Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Data Capture Devices

Scanner Series RoHS Statement
DS7708 Download
DS9208 Download
CS4070 Download
CS3070 Download
LS2208 Download
LS1203 Download
LS3008 Download
MP7001 Download
MP7002 Download
SE-1500 Download
SE-1200 Download
SE-4500 Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Ribbons, Labels and Tag Stocks

Printer Series RoHS Statement
Printer ribbons, labels and tag stocks

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Tablets

Tablet Series RoHS Statement
ET55TX Download
ET55RX Download

+ Individual Declarations - Zebra Kiosks

Printer Accessories RoHS Statement
Battery Eliminators & Power Supply (Mobile) Download
DC Power Supply (Mobile) Download
KDU Series* Download
RW Series Accessories* Download
Zebra Keyboard Display Unit (ZKDU) Download
ZQ110 AC Adapters, DC Power Supply, Cables Download
ZQ110 Battery Chargers Download
ZQ110 Docking Cradles Download
ZQ300 Adapters & Cables Download
ZQ300 Battery Chargers Download
ZQ300 Docking Cradles Download
ZQ500 Cables Download
ZQ500 Charging Cradles & Power Stations Download
ZQ600-QLn Cables Download
ZQ600-QLn Charging Cradles Download
ZQ600-ZQ500-QLn AC Adapters Download
ZQ600-ZQ500-QLn Battery Chargers Download

*Discontinued printer