Our Facilities

Sign outside of the Zebra corporate headquarters

We operate supplies production facilities located in the United States and Western Europe. We also operate manufacturing, production and warehousing, administrative, research, and sales facilities in other U.S. and international locations.

At Zebra's Holtsville NY facility, water is not material to our operations, but we are committed to reducing our demand and use by utilising water efficient appliances and fixtures at our facilities. Water consumption for 2021 at Holtsville, NY facility is 4,070,990 gallons.

Our Facilities Initiatives Include:

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Solar Panels

We have piloted a solar energy project at our Agoura Hills, CA location, where we have installed solar panels at the car port, with hopes to expand this initiative to other Zebra locations in appropriate climates.

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Energy Recovery

We installed a heat recovery system at our manufacturing facility in Preston, UK to increase energy efficiency.

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LED Conversions

We completed LED light bulb conversions in several facilities throughout the globe.

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Energy Efficient Roofing

We installed an energy efficient roof at our Holtsville, NY location as part of our facility renovation.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We encourage our employees and visitors to use earth friendly transportation with our free electric vehicle charging stations at several Zebra locations.