From Atlantic to Pacific, Gee, These Zebras are Terrific!

Hear about all the amazing ways that we were able to give back to our global communities this past holiday season.

Zebra`s 2019 Season of Giving logo
by Your Edge Blog Team
February 28, 2020

During the holidays, we are often reminded of the importance of giving back to people less fortunate than ourselves and feel compelled to go above and beyond to support the communities in which we live and work. Zebra’s Philanthropy and Volunteer Network marks this time as our Season of Giving.

From November 2019 through January 2020, more than 20 teams of Zebra employees celebrated the holiday season by "Giving Around the Globe." Beneficiaries included a 12-year-old in Illinois, USA, who wanted dolls and needed bedding; a 102-year-old in Brno, Czech Republic, who is fond of storytelling and poinsettias; and hundreds of others.

In Penang, Malaysia, employees prepared and delivered meals to the Penang Shan Children’s Home, a residence for 25 children ages 4-16 whose health, educational and emotional needs were not being met in their former living situations. The Zebras stayed on to play games with the children.

Our Brno office in the Czech Republic chose to give back to Naděje, a retirement home the office has served for years. In addition to collecting gifts for 60 of the residents, the team also held a yearlong fundraiser and used the proceeds to purchase an outdoor stair simulator so that its residents could practice walking on an inclined plane.

A Zebra gives a gift to a senior citizen in a wheelchair.

Given Zebra’s strong emphasis on Inclusion and Diversity, our teams focused on local organizations during the holidays.

In addition to the traditional gift-giving associated with the holiday season, Zebra employees gave their time and helped supply necessities like winter clothing, food & beverage and toiletries. They volunteered at food banks, cleaned a resale shop benefiting a LGBTQ+ non-profit and assembled bicycles for children in foster care. Many of our offices participated by purchasing gifts for those in need in their communities.

Wrapped gifts collected by Zebras during the Season of Giving

In total, Zebra employees fulfilled the wishes of nearly 600 people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds.

Our teams also completed more than 30 philanthropic activities throughout the Season of Giving, contributing to food banks and toy drives in the U.S., a school for the blind in Malaysia, the retirement home in Brno, as well as several other organizations.

We look forward to continuing our philanthropic and volunteer activities to support our local communities around the world in 2020 and beyond.

Your Edge Blog Team
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