Bags are Packed, Hiking Boots are On. Aconcagua, Here We Come!

The “Three Amigos” have arrived in Argentina and will start their summit today. Read about their adventure so far.

Packed hiking bags
by Your Edge Blog Team
February 04, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to Jason Harvey, Mark Thomson and Simon Wallis – the three Zebras who have traversed the globe to climb the tallest peaks. We also gave you a sneak peek of their latest challenge: summit the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas, Aconcagua. Well, we’re excited to report that they have safely arrived at their first stop and are getting ready to set out for base camp. Here’s the update they sent through last night:

“We arrived in Argentina after a long 18 hours of travelling. London to Buenos Aires and then on to Mendoza.

Zebras outside the airport in Argentina

What a beautiful city with a great atmosphere and fun culture.

Simon Wallis in Mendoza

We of course had a chance to sample a bottle or two of the local Malbec and wonderful Argentina steak.

After getting some rest we met with our local guides, Mauri and Micky, and went through safety briefings and mandatory kit checks.

One of the Zebra hiker`s kit spread out for inspection

They made sure the double-skinned boots, down clothing, camping gear, crampons, helmets, carabiners and ice axes were all of the correct standard. We then filled in paperwork to receive our mountain permits to climb in the Aconcagua National Park.

Boot check in Mendoza

The guides talked us through the plan for the 360 Route, first heading to Plaza de Argentina after 3 days, climbing to an altitude of 4300m (14500 ft) then on to Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 3... before climbing for the summit. We’ll come down the other side of the mountain to the other base camp, Plaza Mulas, and then be homeward bound.

We left from Mendoza to Penitentes, a ski resort that is close to the entrance of the Vacas valley where we weighed our kit and checked supplies.

The view from Penitentes

We have had time to relax before we set off tomorrow…a relatively easy day gaining height steadily throughout the day. Our first stop and overnight stay will be at 3000m (10000 ft) at Pampas de Leanes.

The weather is hot, the wind is dry and the valley, although, beautiful is harsh on the skin, so it's wise to cover everything that is exposed.

Have a look at the stunning scenario....

More to follow from base camp but until then keep supporting us and thank you for your kind words and donations.

Zippy will make an appearance soon!

We will also send a tracking link to monitor our progress.

The 3 Amigos!”

We’re a bag of mixed emotion: excited, nervous and in awe about what these three Zebras are about to do. But they are rock stars and we have no doubt they’ll conquer this beast!

Stay tuned into the Your Edge blog for more updates over the next three weeks. If you want to send your support, you can post a comment below. If you’d like to show your support financially, you can make a donation on behalf of the “3 Amigos” to the Red Cross here:

Your Edge Blog Team
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