Emily Cates: Vice President of Professional and Learning Services, Zebra Technologies, with her kids
By Your Edge Blog Team | March 01, 2021

Meet Our Women Leaders | Emily Cates: Stevie Award Winner, Business Transformationalist, and Champion of Inclusion and Diversity

In this exclusive podcast interview, we learn more about women’s (recent) history in the technology industry and why we are starting to see more female leaders like Emily.

Today, we are kicking off Women’s History Month by speaking with Emily Cates, Vice President of Professional & Learning Services and global co-chair of Zebra’s Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), about some of the challenges and opportunities presented to women in technology.

Emily has been working in human resources (HR) and technology services for over 20 years and has helped lead business transformation at multiple companies, turning ideas into action and creating dynamic inclusive cultures. In fact, she recently received a Bronze Stevie Award and was named the Female Executive of the Year in the Business Services category for her leadership in driving services excellence and global enterprise workforce development at Zebra. She is also a fierce inclusion and diversity (I&D) champion and has stepped up to spearhead multiple corporate growth and I&D initiatives that have been instrumental in improving both customer and employee experiences.

Listen to our conversation now to learn more about:

  • What women can do to kickstart a career in technology.
  • How the tech industry has changed for women over the past 20 years.
  • The people, companies and initiatives paving the way for women leaders in the tech sector.
  • The resources that Emily has tapped into throughout her career to develop her skillset and help her progress into leadership positions.
  • The challenges that she has experienced as a woman leader, as well as the precedent she’s hoping to set for the next generation.
  • Her strategy for growing Zebra’s Professional Services and Learning business.
  • The leadership style that she has found to be most impactful as a woman in tech.
  • The one thing that’s kept Emily and her family busy during the pandemic.

Moving the Needle: How Women Leaders Can Turn Personal Success into a Team Win

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