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By Your Edge Blog Team | June 04, 2021

Meet the Experts on a Mission to Protect Our Planet…One Mobile Device at a Time

Find out how members of Zebra’s Green Product Council are celebrating World Environment Day – and working to reduce the environmental impact of technology every other day of the year.

As the lovable Kermit the Frog of the Muppets once sang, it’s not easy being green.

That’s why Zebra has formed a cross-functional council to meet regularly and discuss opportunities for reducing hazardous substances and packaging, increasing the usage of alternative materials, assessing our product life cycles and more.

Formally referred to as Zebra’s Green Product Council (GPC), this group of engineers, product managers, environmental health and safety experts and other thought leaders, has set out to champion green product initiatives across Zebra in alignment with our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and protecting the environment via Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) programs.

Michelle Grodzki and Nick Clemente, co-leaders of the GPC and members of our Product Environmental Compliance team, are leading the charge to explore innovative and impactful ways Zebra’s product portfolio can become greener and more sustainable. And Steve Le Goff, Vice President of Design, Management and Operations for Zebra, is actively steering the GPC’s strategy, providing execution oversight, and ensuring alignment with the company’s brand values as executive sponsor.

All three joined us for a special podcast episode on this World Environment Day to discuss what the cross-functional team has accomplished thus far, what other businesses can learn from the endeavor, and what’s on the horizon.

Listen to this podcast episode now to learn more about:

  • how Zebra’s GPC originated and the ambitious goals the group has set out to achieve.
  • the most notable initiatives of the GPC to date, for both the environment and the business.
  • what the group plans to tackle this year.
  • why EPEAT certification has been among the council’s top priorities and how it can encourage businesses operate more sustainably.
  • why cross-functional representation within the GPC is key to collaborative innovation and success.
  • how Zebra, its customers, its partners and the planet will benefit from the GPC’s work.
  • how businesses can best prepare for the rapidly changing regulatory landscape globally.

Meet the Experts On a Mission to Protect Our Planet…One Mobile Device at a Time

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