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By Your Edge Blog Team | August 16, 2021

What Will the “Next 30 Years” Look Like? And Will Robots Outnumber People Anytime Soon? We Sit Down with Zebra’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy to Find Out.

Zebra has come a long way since its initial public offering on August 15, 1991, but our journey is far from over. Listen to the Your Edge podcast to find out where Chip Yager thinks Zebra is heading next.

The year 2051 may be tough to imagine in detail, but Chip Yager has a feeling people will still be calling the shots in factories, warehouses, retail stores, and restaurants – even as robots provide more support. He’s also confident that whatever happens in the next 30 years, Zebra will be there to help every asset and worker be visible, connected and fully optimized. Listen to our latest podcast episode now to find out why:

Chip Yager: "The Next 30 Years"

In this very fun 15-minute conversation, Chip also gave us the scoop on…

  • what he was doing at the time of Zebra’s initial public offering 30 years ago. (It’s not what you might expect.)
  • why he didn’t buy into Zebra’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision at first – and why he wholeheartedly believes now its key to our future, both as a company and as a society.
  • just how much Zebra’s trajectory has changed in recent years and how it could affect the technologies you and I will see in our personal lives in the next 30 years.
  • what he credits to Zebra’s 30-year success as a public company
  • how investors view Zebra (and what has driven up our stock price)

If you’re overdue for a coffee break, grab that cup and hit play on this episode now.


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