Zebra CFO Nate Winters and CFO Thought Leaders Podcast Host Jack Sweeney Talk About “Minding Your Workflows”

Refining processes and improving operational execution is key to both individual and corporate growth.

CFO Thought Leader
by Your Edge Blog Team
July 30, 2021

At Zebra, we talk a lot about how our customers can improve their operational execution. We share best practices solutions that supply chain organizations, healthcare providers, utilities, public safety professionals, governments and others can apply to improve efficiency and safety. We look at how processes can be refined to speed up task completion as business demands grow (and labor resources do not). We recommend ways to increase accountability. And we do all of this so they can better serve their customers.

However, the reason we’re even in a position to serve as such trusted advisors is because we practice what we preach.

If something within Zebra isn’t working – if a workflow is not serving the company, its partners or its customers – it is prioritized for change. Though sometimes a heavy lift, this commitment to constant process improvement isn’t viewed as a burden. It’s an opportunity. At least that’s how Zebra Chief Financial Officer, Nate Winters, sees it.

As he noted after stepping into the leadership role earlier this year…

A quote from Zebra CFO Nate Winters

In a recent interview with Jack Sweeney of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast, Nate shares what he’s learned about “minding your workflows” as he has progressed along his career journey. He also details things you (and your company) can do to stay grounded while embracing change. Listen now:

CFO Thought Leader Podcast Episode 717: “Minding Your Workflows”

When you have a few extra minutes, you might also want to listen to this earlier podcast interview with Nate about how diversification of people, processes and the portfolio has helped Zebra sustain profitability in the past year, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic:

Ask the Expert: What Can Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Do Right Now to Help Their Organizations Recover from the Pandemic?

In Case You Missed It…

Nate recently received the University of Kentucky’s Gatton School of Business and Economics’ Distinguished Young Alumni Award – the college’s highest honor bestowed upon alumni under the age of 45! If you’re connected to him on LinkedIn, be sure to give him a shout out.

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